Secret Admirer

You have to see some of Shelley's work. She mixes passion with performance and her delivery is superb. Her photographic eye has an extraodinary humanistic dimension. Shelley is able to see beyond the obvious and bring an abundance of feel and message where it is needed. Unlike other professional photographers she starts a project by learning about the person, the study, the topic and what message needs to be delivered. She may reveal angles and aspects of you that you were not aware of. But most certainly you end up choosing what you like best from amongst a lot that Shelley generously offers. Chris Cozea


Shelley involved us throughout the process of creating our family portraits, making everyone feel their ideas were important and welcomed. We never felt rushed while Shelley established perfect lighting and balanced compositions in each grouping and pose. She provided many options and this was definately not a “cookie cutter” session. Our final portraits reflected extreme professional competency and we were thrilled with the results!

Louise Romain


Hi Shelley

Scott just sent me the link to the proofs, and I just wanted to thank you for the fabulous photos you took. They are absolutely stunning. I especially love a few of the ones you took of Arianne in the cup and on the table. No problem! You really captured Arianne's lighthearted happy personality and, or course, the lighting is perfect. I just wanted to send a quick note to thank you for taking such beautiful photos.

Thanks again,

Christine Nault

Halifax, NS


Hi Shelley,

How you work with kisses and distractions and people invading your house is a sign that you are a true professional! I asked everyone what they thought of our evening and except for Justin who said it was boring (can you believe it?!! He got Iggy and attention and got to be first!), everyone thought it was great!

I have just been looking at my CD (at the last minute I thought I left it at your place) and the photos you touched up for me are marvelous! I love them! I am going to see if my biz card guy can get one of them onto my new business card and the rest I will use on my Liquid Capital website and maybe a brochure (but who uses brochures these days?).

Anyhow, thank you again! You were so patient with Justin. Just to let you know he slept with Iggy last night, took him to the day home today….it will be fun to view our photos on Sunday and choose some for Grandmas, Grandpas and ourselves.

Kind regards,

Judy Perdomo

Liquid Capital Rockyview Inc.

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Young Couple

We loved our experience with Shelley. She has such a personal touch - "Welcome to my studio "( home ) and even if Shelley were not shooting in her home I believe her background as an educator and her warm personality would make anyone feel that they are with someone they can trust.

Before the session Shelley met with us to plan the session. Her portfolio was impressive and her work spoke for itself. Although we were a little nervous about doing a session, after our first meeting we knew our photos would look great and we were a lot more relaxed about doing the session. We really appreciated Shelley's attention to detail during the session and the way explained why she wanted us to move this way or that. It was all about the light.

After the session Shelley invited us back to view the images and help up pick our favourite ones and decide how we wanted to show them. When we got the photos I was very emotional. It was how Shelley had captured a moment, an attitude, a smile and a light in our eyes. Joshua's Mom said that she captured our essence and that every time she walked past the photo we gave her it put a smile on her face.

Thank You Shelley for allowing us to express our love in portraits.

Sam & Josh


HI Shelley,

Thanks for doing such a beautiful job on this photo.

I am, once again, very pleased :)

Judith Cobb


Shelley Vandervelde has been doing our family portraiture for many years and each year she manages to capture the subtle changes in the family dynamics. Easily seen in the yearly series that I am doing, is the growth in Shelley's artistry. I always wait with baited breath to see what she will create for us this time.

While our role seems almost effortless, Shelley's effort is limitless. She will go to great lengths to capture the essence of your family. I highly recommend Shelley for her sheer perfectionism and devotion to her craft. She creates not only family memories, but family heirlooms.

Pamela Matthews

Art Director for Pub Calendar

In 2006 I had the pleasure of collaborating with Shelley Vandervelde of SVP Photography on the creation of a 12 month calendar for a client that never attempted such a project. Unreasonably timelines, inexperienced models and shifting expectations all handled with poise, professionalism and creativity proving that our previous successes were well warranted. Shelley was never without an idea or vision for what would look best and always open to experiment with ideas making my role that much easier.

Otis & Huckleberry would like to thank Shelley Vandervelde for her efforts, outstanding creativity and her keen photographic "eye"; the success of this project is in large part due to her unwavering determination of nothing short of perfection.

Grad Student

Dear Shelley

I received Nic's pictures today. Oh Shelley - I'm just so pleased with them and so excited!! She looks beautiful (of course I think that - I'm her mom!!). The pictures are so much nicer than I had remembered - of course seeing them on the computer and between the photograph is a difference too! I know Nic will just love them too. I love Chris's too! Thanks so much - you're a great photographer and friend.

Take Care

Love Susan


Dear Shelley,

Thank-you very much for getting the proofs to us so quickly! We were very impressed with the quality of the photos and are having fun deciding which ones to enlarge. They are simply gorgeous! You really went beyond the call of duty during our photo shoot, and we appreciated your professional attention to all the little details we would have missed. The arrangements are very special because they present us in a way that is formal but relaxed, and the baby shots are very artistic. We will treasure these photos as family heirlooms. We look forward to working with you again as our children grow. Thank-you!

Lisa Gaudet, Gareth Thompson, Liam, and Camryn

Dauphin, Manitoba